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For over 20 years, our objective has remained simple: to offer our clients strategies with high value-added based on active management. Our investment managers rely on their fundamental research to forge their convictions and deliver superior performance.

Eric Syz Group CEO
September to December 2019
In an environment where most asset classes went up, the hedge fund industry had one of its best years in a decade. [...]
The 2020 yield hunting season has begun
In this focus piece we take a closer look at the fundamental, technical and valuation characteristics of global credit markets and their potential returns for 2020. 
Our monthly view on asset allocation (February 2020)
2020 has started the way last year ended: with investors’ unabated appetite for equities and credit spreads in a seemingly frantic quest for return and yield. [...]

The strategy benefits from the portfolio management and stock research expertise of Mr. Joël Le Saux and Ms. Yoko Otsuka, respectively.

More about OYSTER Japan Opportunities
Joël Le Saux
Joël Le Saux Head of Japan Equities / Portfolio Manager
iM Global Partner and the SYZ Group enter into a strategic partnership to develop the OYSTER fund range 03 February 2020

The SYZ Group and iM Global Partner are pleased to announce the signing of a collaborative partnership to evolve the OYSTER fund range. [...]

SYZ Asset Management names Stephen Jen Chairman of External Advisory Board on Total Return Strategies 30 September 2019

SYZ Asset Management (“SYZ AM”) the institutional asset management arm of SYZ Group, has added the expertise of macroeconomic and currencies specialist Stephen Jen.

João Aguiar
João Aguiar Region Head French & Italian Speaking Switzerland
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