What does active management
mean to us?

  • Hunting in territories others ignore and/or avoid
  • Focusing on our convictions and avoiding the obvious
  • Investing in positions not commonly found in indices can provide unique sources of return

Performance protected by the
discipline of a process

  • Consistently using the complementary skills of our investment specialists supports idea generation and promotes teamwork
  • A robust and multi-factor research approach that underpins the stability of performance

Risk management as
a foundation for investment decisions

When taken into account early in the investment process, risk management protects performance. Risk management is an integral part of our investment process. Moreover, by being included early in the research process, it enables us to be proactive in avoiding instrument or market dangers.

Focus on our expertise
and know when to select external specialists

Selecting the industry's leading asset managers

When we do not have the expertise in-house, we delegate the management of certain strategies to acknowledged specialists independent from SYZ Group. External managers are carefully selected as our main concern is to always provide you with best-in-class managers and ensuring investment and performance standards are maintained.