A specialised Asset Manager

As an investment manager, we focus on a limited number of strategies managed by dedicated teams. Our goal is simple: to provide our clients with an active investment management approach based on fundamental research

Eric Syz Group CEO

A corporate culture dedicated to professional investment

Asset management is one of the SYZ Group's 3 business lines. For over 20 years we have built a recognised expertise in strategies such as fixed income and asset allocation solutions. Today, we focus on a small number of strategies targeting institutional clients in Switzerland and we are continuing to manager several Oyster Funds. Thanks to our independence and a corporate culture solely dedicated to investments, our portfolio managers work in ideal conditions to meet your goals. In order to meet the specific needs of institutional clients, we build tailor-made mandates and investment solutions together with our clients.

Independence, patience and agility

With SYZ Asset Management being a privately owned firm, we are totally independent in our investment choices. The long-term commitment of our Group's founding shareholder and CEO, Eric Syz, provides us with the benefit of an essential ingredient for successful performance: patience. Our strategic choice to specialise combined with a firm organisation which promotes teamwork, enables us to maintain our agility and continuously adapt to your needs.


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The SYZ Group sold SAM Luxembourg, the OYSTER SICAV’s Luxembourg-domiciled management company, to iM Global Partner (iMGP) in May 2020.

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